Resi Company is a residential company that adds value by creating environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, desirable living spaces

11 Properties
€3.0 Million
1,172 Sqm
31% ROE

Resi Company’s purpose is to improve the quality of living spaces in Greece.

We are doing so by acquiring older properties and redesigning internal and, whenever possible, external areas, upgrading material, technological and energy features and creating spaces for the contemporary individual, couple or family in Athens. Resi Company strives to be a force of improvement of life quality, while thinking forward in terms of our world’s future, the city’s liveability and the home’s attractiveness. Throughout our existance and operations, Resi Company’s ambition is to be defined by GOOD ETHICS, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, ACTION.

Athens needs to get renovated

The vast majority of Athens’ homes are old, energy inefficient and not fit for purpose anymore, creating an urgent need for renovation and regeneration of these buildings. Resi Company has been created to undertake this task, by utilising best local practices, enhanced with international expertise. Our existing and past operations prove the need for modern, good quality housing space in an Athens that is constantly reinventing itself.


Resi Company Strategies

1. Athens Renovate:  Acquire older buildings or apartments in established and emerging areas in Athens and adaptively reuse existing structures to renovate and upgrade living spaces and energy features

2. Athens Develop:  Acquire land in prominent locations across Athens and develop environmentally sustainable mid to upper-mid end apartments

3. Separate Accounts:  Implement customized residential strategies in Greece based on customized requirements

Konstantinos Papadopoulos – Founder / Director

Kostis is the Founder and Director of Resi Company, responsible for the set up and implementation of the strategy and the direction of the company. His background includes 13 years of institutional real estate experience across London and Abu Dhabi where he held positions on strategy, research and listed real estate investments. His aim is to utilize best practices, acquired during his international tenure and create a sophisticated residential real estate company in Greece.

“Our aim is to create a contemporary residential company that plays a role in the improvement of quality of life in Athens by being aligned with the interests and benefits of all our stakeholders, shareholders, people and the city”.